Police Officer Training And What You May Not Know

November 15, 2012 — 1,508 views  
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Training is a learning process which paves way for you to climb high up the ladder of progress and growth. This process serves as a backbone that regulated a particular system. Hence, training is an essential step for every profession of life as it prepares you to counter any unknown issues in a course effectively and resolve them subsequently due to the learning the training procedure inculcated in you.

Same is the case when it comes to becoming a cop. In order to demonstrate the best of you, you are required to undergo compelling and exhaustive training to grasp onto skills and tasks that can help you mold yourself into an exemplary police officer. Previously, Field Training Officer (FTO) program was used to train cops. Later, it was noticed that this training program was not designed to a level of effectiveness that cops needed to resolve issues. That was when a new training program was required which could cover all challenges likely to be faced by an officer.

The program which is now involved in training police officers is termed as the Police Training Officer Program (PTO) which is excellent and sufficient enough to help you be eligible for a cop's job.  This program was created by the expert officers of United States and Canada. It is in fact a mirror of the police department of 21st century, and is designed to help an officer withstand the problems found in every corner of the society.

PTO is a 16 week program and is at times, extended to a 3-4 week phase as well. More than 150- agencies in the US are regulating the PTO program to train aspiring police officers secure a position in the police force. The training period has various divisions that instruct on situations related to emergency, patrolling and crime scenes..

Further with PTO, another program Police Problem Based Learning (PBL) is also included in police training. This program shows some of the basic issues which can be faced by a cop on a frequent basis. Officers trained through the primary police officers training programs are able to lead a successful career as they are already prepared, sufficient, to deal with any forthcoming problems in the course of their career. Programs like PTO and PBL are very helpful in making a police officer brilliant and skillful to resolve any puzzle, and gradually bring about a drastic improvement in every state of the US.