Tips for Seeking Help from the Community

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June 20, 2013 — 1,745 views  
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The relationship that a locality’s law enforcement personnel share with the civilian population of the area plays a huge role in not only maintaining the peace, but also in solving a number of crimes and other disputes. A good relationship will encourage many common citizens to come forward with helpful information as a result of the healthy trust levels between both parties.

Building Relationship with the Community

Before getting into a synopsis of how beneficial a good relationship between law officers and the citizens is, think about how damaging an unhealthy relationship can be. The fact that the law is considered to be playing a ‘babysitting’ role most of the time means that, when an unhealthy relationship exists, some individuals may see standing up to the law as being some sort of ‘rebellion.’ Although there may not be cases of the law actually demeaning any individual or group or even threatening their freedom, these are small sparks that change the attitude of society.

Good relationships between both parties require the law to not only do their duty, but also be courteous and willing to help the common man. Unfortunately, in today’s world, a number of law officers see their position not as a servant to society, but as a position of power that renders them untouchable. This attitude will worsen the relationship with those people that the law and constitution is supposed to protect. Unhealthy relationships between society and law officers will also see a rise in crime rates across the region – with investigations getting very little help from the general population.

What the Community Can Do

The community also needs to understand that the role of a law officer is not an easy one and, at most times, they really need all the help they can get. Crime is a bad seed of society and can only be stamped out with the help of the civilian population. The community should conduct regular drives of interaction between the law officers of the area and the society in order to discuss the major issues that both sides face, as well as take steps and plan agendas to heal any bitterness or resentment that may exist. Law officers should be encouraged to be more accessible and open about situations that are prevalent within the communities.

Tips to Seek Help Easily

Creating awareness within the society is probably an important aspect for building better relationships between both parties. Communication is essential and calm heads are always required as these things can get out of hand very easily, by a result of a law officer’s assumption that they are in a place of power and the public’s propensity is to ‘rebel’ against authorities.

Law officers should educate the people on a regular basis about the common problems faced in the area and how the problems should be tackled. They should also encourage the public to raise important issues they face.

Fostering good relationships between the law officials and the general population will not only result in a better and healthier community, but will also ensure that the area becomes a peaceful and safer place to live in.

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