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Brady v. Maryland: Criminal Procedural Rights and Civil Causes of Action

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Donít be caught off-guard. Understand and be attentive of law enforcementís obligation to disclose exculpatory evidence.

Under Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963), a prosecutor's duty to disclose exculpatory and impeachment evidence is critical. Failure to do so violates a defendant's constitutional rights, leading to a wrongful conviction and potential money damages against police and others. This topic covers the mandates and nuances of Brady and its progeny-fundamental knowledge for every prosecutor and defense attorney. It also describes the contours of civil remedies under 42 USC § 1983 for those wrongfully convicted due to Brady disclosure failures. Everyone involved in police investigations, criminal prosecutions, defense of the accused, and civil litigation involved in the aftermath of a wrongful conviction due to Brady violations will benefit from this presentation.


Andrew M. Morse, Snow, Christensen & Martineau

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