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FISMA at Year 10: How To Ensure Continued Information Security Management at the Federal, State and Local Level

OnDemand Webinar (83 minutes)

For 10 years, the requirements of FISMA have raised significant compliance and security concerns for federal agencies. For state and local governments, where budgetary concerns are matched only by ever-increasing security risks, those concerns are even greater. The questions are daunting: What is FISMA? How does it apply to my department? What compliance requirements am I responsible for? How will the latest FISMA developments affect me? This OnDemand Webinar will address the concerns of state and local officials concerned about FISMA compliance, and information security in general. For anyone who needs to understand FISMA and its effect at the state and local level, this program will provide an overview of the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 and highlights from its first 10 years of implementation; it will address the extent of compliance at the state and local level, and address what cost-effective benefits may be available for utilizing FISMA's model for information security management.


Keir X. Bancroft, Venable LLP



FISMA at 10: An Overview of FISMA's First 10 Years

• The World Before FISMA: Background of the Federal Information Security Management Act

• FISMA Through the Years: Key Milestones During FISMA Implementation

• Examples of FISMA-Related Issues, at the Federal, State and Local Levels During FISMA Implementation

Deep Dive: Applying FISMA's Federal Lessons at the State and Local Level

• FIPS in Action and Other Practical Applications: Applying FISMA Through the Federal Information Processing Standards

• Taking FISMA Local: How States and Local Governments Are Addressing Information Security Management

• Follow the Leader: What Are the Benefits to Developing FISMA's Model for Information Security Management

Updates and FISMA Topics on the Horizon

• Latest From NIST: Discussion of NIST February 2012 Final Rule Updating FISMA Compliance Requirements

• Legislative Overview: Potential Upcoming Legislation Affecting Information Security Management

Questions and Answers

• Open the Floor for Remaining Questions

• Frequently Asked Questions to Ponder and Answers to Consider