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Utilizing Social Media in Investigations

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Investigators today face the almost insurmountable task of identifying usable information from the plethora of social media sites. Facebook® alone has over 800 million users and Twitter® users send 175 million tweets each day. Sifting through the social media data presented online can ultimately be of a tremendous benefit in almost any investigation. However, most investigators are unaware of the methods and techniques available to assist in their identification of evidence from social media sites.

This OnDemand Webinar will help those responsible for investigations involving social media sites understand how to properly conduct those investigations. This program explains what the phenomenon of social media is and where the investigator can find evidence on social media sites. Additionally, the investigator will learn about the tools necessary to investigate social media and its proper documentation. This program is a critical step in the investigators understanding of the proper implementation of an agency policy regarding social media investigations.


Todd G. Shipley, CFE, CFCE, Vere Software


What Is Social Networking and Why Do We Care About It?

• Defining the Social Media World

• Who Is Using Social Networking?

• Where Can We Find Users?

What Can I Find on Social Networking Sites to Support My Investigations?

• Facebook® What Does It Contain

• MySpace®, Twitter®, Bebo® and the Rest

• Undercover Investigations on Social Media

Tools for Investigating Social Networking Sites

• Online Resources

• Documenting Social Media Investigations   

• Legal Issues Related to Investigating Social Media

Policy Concerns When Investigating Social Media Sites

• Does My Boss Know I Am Using Social Media Sites in My Investigations?

• What Can I Do to Remove My Information From Social Media Sites?