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A Practical Approach to Bringing Mobility to Your Agency

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Government agencies are struggling to adapt to the mobile revolution that is changing the lives of everyone. Nearly every day a new use for this technology is announced and new devices are released at nearly the same rate. Government agencies have no option but to adapt to this new world. However, government faces unique challenges that make implementing a mobile initiative extremely difficult.

This on-demand webinar will provide practical approaches that agencies can use to achieve success with mobility. Real-world examples of successes and failures with government mobility will be discussed. This on-demand webinar will cut through the technology jargon and identify how government agencies can leverage mobility to enhance customer services and improve employee productivity.


Nolan Jones, NIC


A Brief Overview of Mobile Technology

• Native Apps

• Mobile Web Apps

• Hybrids

• Smartphones vs Tablets and Everything Else in Between

The Evolution of Government Mobile Apps

• Baby Steps - Information Apps

• Walking - Back and Forth Communication

• Starting to Pickup the Pace - Government Using Mobile Technology to Perform Functions

What Is Government Doing With Mobile Right Now?

• What's Working

• What's Not Working

Developing Government Mobile Apps

• Doing It Yourself

• Hiring Contractors

• Using Development Platforms

• iOS vs Android and Everything Else

Security - Is It Even Possible to Have Secure Mobility?

• Types of Security

• Approaches

The Future

• Next 12 Months

• In the Next Few Years