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Bath Salts - The Deadly Designer Drug

OnDemand Webinar (57 minutes)

Can you do more to combat the war on bath salts? Arm yourself with an abundance of knowledge and insight into these dangerous synthetic drugs.

A one hour on-demand webinar introducing the new deadly designer drug known on the streets as bath salts. This on-demand webinar is designed to familiarize first responders, medical personnel and practicing attorneys with the medical, pharmacological and socio-criminal aspects of this synthetically produced, extremely addictive and deadly designer drug. You will learn how the drug is produced, where it is commonly sold, how it is packaged and how it is ingested. You will also learn how to recognize persons under the influence of this drug, and the professional police response tactics to best ensure a safe and effective capture and control of persons under its influence, so they can be transported to hospital for treatment.

This on-demand webinar is taught by Dr. Ron Martinelli, a nationally recognized forensic criminologist who specializes in police responses to serious medical and mental health emergencies.


Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., BCFT, CFA, CLS Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc.


Definition of Bath Salts

Drug Dynamics - History of the Drug; How Produced; Drug Make-up

Drug Dynamics - How Drug Is Commonly Packaged, Sold and Ingested

Drug Influence Symptoms: Communication, Physical, Behavioral and Psychological Presentations of Influence

Medical Issues - Psychophysiological Dangers

Preferred Professional Police Tactics for First Responders - Protocol for Safe and Effective Capture and Control of Influenced Persons

Risk Management and Legal Liability Issues