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Law Enforcement Response to the Mentally Ill: Basic Principles and Practical Strategies

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

As the nature of society continues to change, police officers and other first responders will increasingly be tasked with serving and managing diverse populations. These are likely to include growing numbers of mentally ill citizens who will be encountered in the context of community disturbances, domestic violence, school and workplace crises, hostage and barricade scenarios, drug and alcohol problems, and deadly force encounters. This on-demand webinar introduces law enforcement professionals to the basic principles of crisis intervention, better enabling them to defuse and de-escalate potentially violent confrontations with mentally ill citizens, as well as to handle the normal street skirmishes of everyday police work. Building on this knowledge, it then describes specific techniques for dealing with a wide variety of commonly encountered diagnoses, as well as specialized crisis scenarios, thereby providing the officer with a comprehensive toolbox of concepts and strategies to deal with a broad range of people and situations. Finally, the theme of this program is that every law enforcement agency, small, medium, or large, can integrate sound protection of their communities with responsible attention to the needs of its mentally ill citizens.


Laurence Miller, Ph.D., Private Practice


Mentally Ill Citizens and Law Enforcement

• Mentally Ill Citizens in Your Community: Who Are They?

• Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems

• Mental Illness, Violence and Repeat Crime: What Is the Risk?

Recognizing and Responding to Mentally Ill Citizens

• Street Psychology 101: Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness

• Basic Law Enforcement Response Strategies for Mentally Ill Citizens

• Psychological Syndromes and Specialized Intervention Techniques

• Arrest, Hospitalization or Release? Administrative Challenges

• Deadly Force Encounters With the Mentally Ill: Survival Strategies

Mentally Ill Citizens and Specific Crisis Scenarios

• Domestic Violence

• Hostage Negotiation

• Suicide-by-Cop

• Civil Disturbance and Crowd Control