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Coordinating Emergency Response When Disaster Strikes

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Despite over 50 years of emergency management experience, many jurisdictions are still unsure if their plans are adequate to deal with disaster. This is largely a result of focusing on the development of plans that address various phases of response rather building overall organizational resilience. This OnDemand Webinar considers emergency response in the context of a jurisdiction-wide emergency management program and demonstrates the linkages between response and other components of the program. At the same time, it offers practical tips for coordinating response operations by focusing on critical tasks within the incident management team. You will gain a deeper understanding of the concepts behind emergency response and will be better able to assess and simplify your emergency plans.


Lucien G. Canton, Lucien G. Canton, LLC


Operational Context

• The Human Factor

• The National Incident Management System and It's Impact

• Operational Levels

Initial Crisis Management

• Six Steps to Leading in Crisis

Coordinating Response

• Strengths and Weaknesses of Incident Command

• Operational Pace

• The Planning Cycle

• Prioritization

Creative Response

• Organizational Adaptability

• Creativity

• Sustained Operations

• Transitions