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Best Practices in Digital Evidence Management

OnDemand Webinar (83 minutes)

This on-demand webinar is designed to provide you with information on emerging trends in electronic media discovery practices. You will have a better understanding of the litigation aspects of electronic media retention and destruction. This will include the scope of electronic media discovery, trigger mechanisms for electronic media retention, obligations of users and counsel, and potential civil and criminal sanctions for improper document destruction.


Mark Lanterman, Computer Forensic Services



What Is Computer Forensics and Forensic Recovery of Electronic Evidence?

• Forms of Electronic Data Storage

• Accessible vs. Inaccessible Data

• The Challenges of Finding, Recognizing and Accessing Hidden Data

• The Forensics of Metadata, Systems Data, Ghost Copies, Track Changes, etc.

Destruction of Evidence and Spoliation

• Hard Drive Technology and Data Storage

• Deleting Data and the Persistence of Electronic Documents

• The Forensics of Deleted Files, Formatting and How to Determine Deletions Have Taken Place

• Mapping the Metadata Time Line for Investigative Purposes

Trends in Criminal Uses of Electronic Media

• Searching and Seizing Documents in Electronic Format

• The Evolving Scope of Electronic Crimes

• PDA's, Smart Phones and GPS Devices

• The Use of Computer Forensics Experts by the Prosecution and Defense

Closing Remarks

Questions and Answers