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Revitalize Blighted Properties With Land Banks

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Drive housing stabilization, revitalization and economic growth in your community with best practices for land bank programs.

Blighted, vacant and abandoned properties bring down the values of surrounding properties and threaten the stability of neighborhoods. A land bank authority can serve as a vital tool to help stabilize neighborhoods and find solutions to put these properties back into productive use. The key to success is applying the strengths of a land bank with planning and redevelopment tools in a public-private partnership. Attend this ondemand webinar and learn about the tools and techniques that you can use to get on the road to success with land bank programs in your community.


John Kromer, University of Pennsylvania
Jeremey Newberg, Capital Access, Inc.


What Is a Land Bank?

• What Is the Purpose and Structure of a Land Bank Authority?

• What Is the Role of State Enabling Legislation for Land Bank Authority Powers?

• What Is the Difference Between a Land Bank and Redevelopment Authority?

How a County and City Can Deploy the Powers of a Land Bank to Strategically Stabilize Properties

• Acquire Blighted Tax and Distressed Properties via Tax Foreclosure, Inter-Governmental Conveyances and Private Purchases

• Clear Title

• Mow Lawns, Clear Brush and Shovel Snow

• Facilitate More Strategic Code Enforcement

• Manage Site Preparation for Redevelopment Including Brownfield Remediation

• Assemble Properties for Strategic Redevelopment

• Participate in Equity Partnerships With Developers and Business and/or Institutional Operators

• Facilitate Side Lot Dispositions to Adjacent Property Owners

• Serve as a Public Purpose Developer Where No Capacity or Interest Exists

• Raise Development Capital

Examples of Successful Land Banks and What Factors Facilitate Their Success

• Cuyahoga County Land Bank

• Genesee County Land Bank

• Ingham County Land Bank

• Greater Syracuse County Land Bank

Is a Land Bank the Right Strategy for Your Community?

• Criteria to Determine of a Land Bank Make Sense for Your Community

• Key Market, Capacity, Financial and Political Issues to Address to Position a Successful Land Bank for Your Community

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