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Social Media and Law Enforcement: Applications and Liabilities

OnDemand Webinar (82 minutes)

Law enforcement agencies throughout the United States are beginning to embrace the power of social media for managing the department's public image, engaging the pubic in a more effective partnership to prevent crime, and as a tool for solving crimes. It is essential that law enforcement executives, investigators and analysts fully understand the environment of social media to insure effective and legal use of the rapidly growing and ever changing phenomena of social media.

This on-demand webinar helps the persons responsible for implementing and maintaining social media operations in their department recognize the best practices in place today and the pitfalls that await poor implementation. This on-demand webinar provides an overview of the two faces of social media - both external and internal - practices in place today by police departments throughout the United States. When utilized appropriately social media provides law enforcement agencies the opportunity to work more effectively with the public and at the same time have access to a massive open source set of potential evidence and intelligence. It is critical that law enforcement understand how social media works, how it influences, its use in monitoring critical events, and the power of social media as a tool for investigators and intelligence analysts. This on-demand webinar provides answers for law enforcement executives and an in depth assessment of the best practices for use of social media for law enforcement overall.


Carl Florez, CES LLC


Overview of Social Media

• Overview of the Social Media Environment

• An Overview of the Most Popular Social Media Sites

• Examples of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Social Media

Social Media - External Uses for Law Enforcement

• Introduction to Police Public Interaction on Social Media

• Social Media Use for Crime Prevention, Public Relations, Community Outreach

• Social Media Use for Critical Event Monitoring and Public Involvement in Law Enforcement

Social Media - Internal Uses for Law Enforcement

• Using Social Media for Investigations and Intelligence

• Social Media Tools for Investigators and Analysts

• Case Examples - Gangs, Homicides, Assaults

Law Enforcement Use of Social Media- Problems and Risks

• Privacy Issues

• Authentication Issues

• Abuse Issues

Law Enforcement Use of Social Media- Best Practice Case Studies

• Social Media Model Policy

• Police Agency Case Examples of Social Media Use