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Cost Accounting for the Federal Government Contractor

OnDemand Webinar (95 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the cost accounting criteria applicable to governmental contracts and contractors.

This ondemand webinar will provide a fundamental overview of the federal government's expectations related to accounting for costs on contracts; and provide industry resources for more detailed background and assistance to ensure compliance. This ondemand webinar is geared for professionals in the area of accounting, compliance, finance, and program or contract management.


Chad Braley, Capital Edge Consulting


Welcome and Introduction

Introduction to Cost Accounting for Federal Government Contractors

Fundamental Requirements - Accounting for Cost on Federal Government Contracts

• Expectations for Accounting for Costs Incurred on Government Contracts

• Regulatory Basis for Government Expectations

• Potential Consequences for Noncompliance With Government Expectations

The Audit Experience

• Who Is the Defense Contract Audit Agency

• Audits to Determine the Overall Adequacy of the Accounting System and Accuracy of Recorded Costs

General Resources Overview for More Specifics on Government Contract Cost Accounting and Regulatory Compliance