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Clear the Way for Public Art: Strategies for Achieving Positive Impacts in Your City

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Understand the true meaning of public art and how it can strengthen the community's identity.Benefit from the full comprehension and increased awareness of public art. Learn about existing systems and networks that are currently in place and could help make significant improvements in public art programs. Receive examples of how public art can strengthen the community's identity and discuss the importance of having professional public artists at the same table with other design professionals. Professional publics artists, administrators, and coordinators must be invited to bring their creative ideas to the development table early in the construction process. The benefit of having them join the development team is that potential public art opportunities (artistic solutions) can be identified before any money is spent on the development project. The term "public art" or "public artist" is often misunderstood. By unpacking the true meaning of public art as a benefit to the community and the development team, mindsets will shift into understanding the innovation of public art. This information will also highlight other subtopics like the study of controversy in community affairs, managing the client's expectations (both within the private and public sectors), and the challenge of displaying public art in the natural environment within the context of the overarching themes.


Molline Jackson, Montgomery County Planning Department Tonya R. Jordan, Tonya Arts


Strengthening Community With Public Art

• Definition of Public Art

• Descriptions of the Different Types of Public Art

• General Best Practices and Processes

Existing Resources and Systems That Are Already in Place

• State and Local Funding Opportunities

• Lessons Learned When Providing Effective Management of Community and Stakeholder Engagement

• Providing and Budgeting for Proper Long-Term Maintenance

Measuring the True Value of Public Art

• Innovation of Public Art

• Cultivation of Professional Public Artists

• Increased Community Awareness

• Establishing a Source for Pride and Community Identity