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Make Strategic Decisions with Performance-Based Budgets in the Government Sector

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Understand why performance-based budgeting will help allocate tax dollars into programs with the highest priority.Budgeting in a government organization can be a painful and time-consuming process. Budgeting by incrementally increasing or reducing line-items is inefficient at best and myopic at worst. Many times it feels as if special interests trump what the community or governing board really care about. Budgeting for Outcomes (BFO) is a way to tie the budgeting process to the community's top priorities and interests through an industry best practice. This topic will help those involved in the budgeting process to focus the budget on the things the community values the most while using key performance metrics. The topic will demonstrate, in practical terms, how to move tax dollars into programs and services, prioritize them, and make recommendations based on the governing board's highest priorities. This will help create a sustainable and transparent budget overtime that will position the government to deliver the services that citizens demand and expect.


Jed Briggs, Park City Municipal Corporation


Budget and Strategic Planning

• Define Council's Goals

• Breakdown Council Goals Into Desired Outcomes

• Develop Strategic Plan

Budgeting for Outcomes (BFO) Overview

• Develop BFO Offers/Programs

• Role Clarity

• Selecting Offers

Assessing BFO Readiness

• Lessons Learned

• Keys to Success