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GASB 68: Pension Accounting and Reporting

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the government pension obligations addressed in GASB 68 and the implications of underfunded pension plans. The topic of governmental pension obligations is one that receives constant attention. Many governmental pension plans are underfunded and the impact of this on governmental employers' financial statements is an important one to understand. Sometimes the question is asked as to why these plans are underfunded - are the accounting rules to blame? This material will help you understand the basics of how employers account for defined benefit plan obligations. This knowledge will enable you to not only understand the implications of underfunded plans on employers, but also understand the context of why so many of these plans are underfunded.


Warren Ruppel, CPA, Marks Paneth LLP


Overview of Employer's Accounting for Pensions

• Types of Clients

• Single Employer and Multi-Employer Plans

• Perceived Deficiencies in Previous Standards

Changes in Actuarial and Other Assumptions

• Required Actuarial Method

• Setting a Discount Rate

• Cost of Living Increases

Employer's Reporting of Financial Statement Amounts

• Reporting Net Pension Liability and Deferred Inflows/Outflows of Resources

• Reporting Pension Expense

• Calculating Contributions

• Required Disclosures

• Government-Wide vs. Governmental Fund Financial Statements

• Obtaining and Supporting Amounts Reported for Multi-Employer Plans

Understanding What the GASB 68 Financial Statement Amounts Mean

• How to Explain GASB 68 Amounts and Disclosures to Constituents

• Will GASB 68 Improve the Funding of Pension Plans?

• How Does GASB 68 Compare to the Private Sector Standards?

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