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Researching, Writing, and Validating Policy Recommendations

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn the process of identifying, researching and presenting recommendations.Making new policy recommendations is no easy task, nor should it be taken lightly. If you are tasked with developing a policy or legislative idea and making it a reality, you need to be able to support your statements. The first step is identifying and researching the problem and the relevant laws associated with the problem. You will be able to take an idea proposed in a committee meeting, town hall or other forum and be able to identify, evaluate, and formulate public policy. You will learn how policy is formulated and how lawyers can help craft policies. You will be able to identify strengths, flaws, and ways to improve policy.


Will Polk, Esq., Department of Public Safety


Identify the Problem

• Talk With Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts to Determine Scope of Problem

• Begin to Formulate a Possible Solution to Problem


• Research the Relevant Law and Gather Data

• Construct a Draft Policy to Address Problem


• Implementation of the Idea

• Determine Metrics to Test Idea

• Report out Result of the Idea

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