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HUD Section 3: Compliance Tips for Governments

OnDemand Webinar (98 minutes)

Gain an understanding of HUD Section 3 regulations and challenges to avoid penalties, suspension, or worse.Many recipients including attorneys, developers, contractors, city managers, superintendents, mayors, city administrators, county and municipal officials, public relations directors, and other government professionals of HUD funding who are required to comply with Section 3 requirements fail to document their efforts to hire low and very low income individuals and contract with companies who hire them. Recipients that fail to comply with Section 3 requirements may result in sanctions, including: debarment, suspension, penalties, or limited participation in HUD programs.


Marilyn G. Patterson, Marilyn G. Patterson


HUD Section 3 History and Challenges

• Legislative History

• HUD Regulations and Administrative History

• Judicial History

• Kerner Commission 1968 and Recommendations

HUD Section 3 Compliance Obligations

• Statue and Regulation

• Regulatory

• Legal Obligation

Purpose and Intent

• Investment in Distressed Communities

• Economic Opportunities for Low Income Residents and Eligible Businesses

• Employment and Contracting Opportunities

HUD Section 3 Programs Covered

• Public and Indian Housing - Expenditures

• Housing and Community Development

Recipient Compliance Efforts

• Recruit, Target and Direct Economic Opportunities

• Solicit and Advertise

• Develop Section 3 Strategies

• Affirmative Economic Strategies

HUD Section 3 Hiring Requirements

• Section 3 Employment and Training

• Apprenticeship and YouthBuild

• Section 3 Residents

• Section 3 Resident Certification

• Sample Resident

HUD Section 3 Business Concerns

• Sample Section 3 Certification Form

• Section 3 Business Registry

• Section 3 Business Self Certification, Registration

HUD Section 3 and Noncompliance

• Debarment

• Suspension

• Limited Denial

Determining Income Limits for Qualifications

• HUD Data Set

Recipient Responsibilities and Tips

• Section 3 Plans

Section 3 Public and Indian Housing Programs

• PHA Requirements

• Section 3 and PHA Programs

• PHA Responsibilities

HUD Section 3 Reporting Requirements

• HUD Form 60002

• HUD Section 3 Initiative - SPEARS Relaunch

• SPEARS Application

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