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Preservation and Quality Assurance of Vital Records

OnDemand Webinar (77 minutes)

Learn the proper protection process to ensure that your vital records are preserved during a time of disaster.Organizations have back up plans for a multitude of systems, practices, etc., but all the planning will not save an organization from a disaster if they haven't thought of their information assets and planned accordingly. This material will help you by providing information about vital records, how to identify them and how to protect them. This content will also cover how to start the recovery process in the event something does happen to your records. Regardless of the organization or the geographic region you work in this information will put you on the road to ensuring your records are available to get your organization up and running again.


Jennifer Winkler, Office of the City Clerk


What Is a Vital Record?

• Why Are Vital Records Important?

• Categories of Vital Records

• How Do You Identify a Vital Record?

Protecting Vital Records

• Identifying Risks

• Protection Methods

• Storage Methods


• Basic Recovery Requirements

• Prevention Methods

• Recovery Methods

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