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Social Media for Government Agencies: How to Successfully Connect With Your Community

OnDemand Webinar (99 minutes)

Understand how to utilize social media to connect with your community and increase responsiveness and community involvement.It's more important than ever for government agencies to have a robust social media presence that can create and strengthen real connections with their communities. However, these connections - and the benefits that result from them - don't just happen without careful planning and execution. Does your government agency have a Twitter® account that's currently quiet, or a Facebook® page that doesn't deliver? You'll learn what steps you should take in order to find success with your agency's social media accounts. Equally important, you'll discover the best practices you should follow in order to keep you and your agency from falling into one of the ever-present hazards of random or careless social media activity.


Phil Nugent, NCG Strategic Marketing, LLC


Why Government Agencies Need Targeted Social Media

• Creating Community and Increasing Engagement

• Listening to Your People and Improving Customer Service

• Building Your Agency's Brand

• Driving Transparency and Efficiency

• Facilitating Emergency Management and Public Safety

From the Trenches: Case Studies of Successes and Failures

• The Good: Social Media Success Stories

• The Bad: Learn From These Blunders

• Avoiding the Career-Ending Move

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Agency

• Twitter®

• Facebook®

• Linkedin®

• Instagram™

• Snapchat

• Others

Developing a Sensible Social Media Strategy

• Who Are You Trying to Reach?

• What Are Your Goals?

• What's Your Brand?

• What Will Be Your Mix of Content?

• Setting Standards: Quality vs. Quantity

• Growing Your Fans and Followers

Following Best Practices and Designing Your Social Media Policy

• The Right Tools and the Right People

• Responsiveness, Flexibility and Helpfulness

• Your Social Media Policy: What It Is and Why You Need One

• Your Social Media Policy: The Essentials