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Be Prepared: Continuity of Government (CoG) Planning Essentials

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Continuity of government planning can be complex - walk away better equipped to improve your plan with actionable recommendations.Is your government entity or agency fully prepared for the next disaster? How does your Continuity of Government Plan measure up to current best practices? This topic will answer both of these questions by taking you through a scorecard assessment of your current plan, followed by a detailed review of current best practices, and ending with an action plan to improve current plans. Regardless of the state of your current continuity plan, whether you are just getting started or have a comprehensive plan already in place, this material will help you assess, benchmark, and improve with clear and actionable recommendations. Don't miss this unique opportunity to improve your continuity plan and position your government entity or agency for effective resilience during the next disaster or crisis.


Scott Cave, CBCP, Atlantic Business Continuity Services


Scorecard to Assess Your Current Continuity of Government Plan

Best Practices Review

• Mitigation

- Identifying Risks to Continuity of Government

- Developing a Risk Mitigation Plan

• Preparation

- Identification and Prioritization of Essential Government Functions

- Developing Teams and Resources

- Training, Testing and Maintenance Procedures

• Planning

- Developing Continuity Plans for Government Functions

- Staffing Plans

- Line of Succession Plans for Elected and Appointed Officials

- Facility Plans

- Communication Plans

- IT Plans

Next Steps - Your Path to an Improved or Fully Developed Continuity of Government Plan

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