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Effective Communication and Service Strategies for Government Employees

OnDemand Webinar (63 minutes)

Gain an understanding on how customer service and communication from employees can affect business.Good customer service is difficult to find in private business and is almost non-existent in government. Many government employees are beaten down and defensive and hate their jobs but are often trapped and simply marking time until they can get their pension. Most people don't enjoy being difficult, but they have become calloused and just want customers to go away. This topic will help you learn to enjoy your job, maybe for the first time. This information can provide the reason for change and the tools to change. It is common sense, but too often, common sense is not common practice. Find out how to keep focused on positive change and making your job fun by providing help to those who will be astounded that someone from government actually cares.


Richard Petree, Western Valuation and Consulting, LLC


Changing the Culture

• Why Government Employees Often Have Bad Customer Service Attitudes

• Results of Bad Attitudes

• Change Catalyst

Setting the Tone

• Importance of Introduction

• Seeking to Understand Issues

• Getting to "Yes"

• Saying "No" Kindly

• Saying Goodbye

Dealing With Customers on the Phone

• Developing a Relationship With the Customer

• Expressing a Caring Attitude on the Phone

• Solving Problems

• Following up

• Closing the Conversation