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Government Contractors' OFCCP Requirement Updates

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Understand government contractors' OFCCP requirements and the impact of new administration.Predicting what policy changes an administration will make is difficult after a typical first year in office . . . but this past year has been anything but typical. The current administration has already followed through on a number of its promises, which included relieving businesses of burdensome regulations proposed, enacted and enforced during the previous administration. So what does OFCCP look like under current leadership? What obligations have stayed; what have gone? What do OFCCP audits look like now? What's going on with pay equity? The answer to that question is - A LOT. This topic will provide an overview of OFCCP's latest enforcement trends, along with what has happened with (or what we anticipate will happen) those trends and what role states are playing in the pay equity equation.


Laura A. Mitchell, Jackson Lewis P.C.


What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Federal Contractors?

• Comparison of OFCCP Under Republican Administrations vs. Democratic Administrations

• Overview of Department of Labor Leadership

• Predictions and Evaluation of OFCCP's Focus and Enforcement Trends

Impact on Recent Executive Orders/Rules

• Paid Sick Leave

• OFCCP LGBT Protections

• Pay Transparency

• Federal Contractor Minimum Wage

• "New" Veterans and Individuals With Disabilities Rules

Pay Equity and the Impact of the #MeToo Movement

• Trump Administration's Impact on Pay Data Reporting Rule and Our Predictions on the Future of This Rule

• State Momentum Around Pay Equity

• How to Conduct a Pay Equity Analysis