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Intellectual Property Rights in Government Contracts: Patents

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Understand when and how the government obtains rights in a contractor's intellectual property.A company's intellectual property is one of its most important assets and can be a subject of difficult negotiations even in the commercial sector. Extensive regulation, however, increases the challenge when contracting with the federal government. Paired with the government's ever increasing focus on contractor intellectual property, contractors unfamiliar with the regulatory scheme surrounding contractor intellectual property may unwittingly surrender rights to the government. This can compromise the value not only of a specific asset, but also of the company as a whole. This topic will help government contractors understand when and how the government obtains rights in a contractor's intellectual property, with a focus on patent rights, and explain how a patentee can seek redress for the unauthorized use or manufacture of its patented technology by the United States government and its contractors. This information is vital for any company that considers its intellectual property a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Scott A. Felder, Wiley Rein LLP


Forms of Intellectual Property

• Patent

• Trade Secret

• Copyright

Basics of IP in Government Contracts

• Fundamental Principles

• Key Distinctions to Understand

Standard Data Rights Allocation Approaches

• DFARS Non-Commercial Technical Data and Computer Software

• DFARS Commercial Technical Data


• Commercial Computer Software

Data Rights in Practice

• Documentation, Assertion, and Marking

Validations and Challenges