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Freedom of Information Act

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Know with confidence which items of information to share and which items to keep confidential regarding the Freedom of Information Act.Government officials and employees are well aware that the public has the right to access government information, but it is not always clear what information must be made available and what information should be kept confidential. Additionally, it is not always clear to members of government or the general public what the best form of requests and responses are to avoid the need for costly and time-consuming litigation. This topic will provide an overview for Freedom of Information Act issues that will enable you to confidently decide which items of information to share and which items to keep confidential, while also providing a reasonable and factually supported basis for denials of requests in part or in total. Understanding why requests are denied is only part of the benefit, as this program will also demonstrate appropriate methods for denial that lessen the probability of litigation.


William W. P. Atkins, Johnson Bunce & Noble PC



• Constitutional Right to Information

• Sunshine Laws Generally

• Federal/State Variations

Requests for Information

• Who Can Request

• Information That Can Be Requested

• Timing and Form of Requests

Exclusions and Exemptions

• Personal Privacy

• Pending Investigations

• Impact of Other Laws

Other Sunshine Laws

• Open Meetings Requirements

• Website Availability Requirements