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Effective Communication and Service Strategies for Government Employees

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Gain an understanding of how customer service and communication can build trust and create successful customer relationships.As a government professional, it might surprise you to know that in today's tech-driven, ever-automated work environment, the pillars of success, productivity, and serving the public remain communicating effectively and delivering stellar customer service. In fact, they matter more now than ever! Regardless of your role within government, customer service is built into your position. Whether you're directly serving external customers or supporting your colleagues internally, customer service is central to your success. How well do you serve others? And how effectively do you communicate this care, concern, and compassion? How adept are you at addressing the needs of an array of personalities, needs, and challenges of those you serve? Can you skillfully communicate options, choices, and outcomes, express empathy when delivering bad news, and use civility and the powers of inquiry consistently to care for your customers? Learn about techniques, tools, and strategies to build trust, solve problems, and be the government champion who partners with customers for success.


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Powering Up

• Putting a Face on Government

• Your Power to Make a Difference

• Endowing Customers With Power and Choice

• The Difference You Make

Tooling Up

• The Power of Politeness: Civility, Cordiality, Etiquette and Humanity

• Listening: The Key to Understanding, Building Trust and Problem Solving

• The Power of NOW, WOW and VOWs

• Communicating and Serving Across Platforms in 2021

Dialing Up

• Understanding Telephone Transactions: Rapport, Reasoning, Results

• Applying Your Voice in Myriad Modes

• Give Voice to Customers

• Forwarding the Action

Wrapping Up

• Close the Case; Resolve the Issue; Thank Them for a Positive Aftertaste

• Celebrating the Partnership